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Contoh Soal Tes Potensi Akademik Ptk Perhubungan 2017 / 2018 ( Bhs Inggris )

Contoh Soal Tes Potensi Akademik Ptk Perhubungan 2017/2018 ( Bhs ) Inggris

Setelah saya menulis artikel soal tpa perhubungan sebelum nya yaitu matematika dan fisika , kali ini saya akan menulis artikel soal tes potensi akademik ptk perhubungan , soal test tpa salah satu tahap melanjutkan test perhubungan ke tahap selanjut nya .

Contoh Soal Tes Potensi Akademik Ptk Perhubungan 2017/2018 ( Bhs ) Inggris

Loh kok soal tes potensi akademik nya cuman bahasa inggris ? tenang sobat jika sobat belum membaca artikel sebelum nya bisa klik Contoh Soal Tes Potensi Akademik Ptk Perhubungan 2017 / 2018 ( matematika ) dan Contoh soal tes potensi akademik ptk perhubungan 2017 / 2018 ( fisika ) setelah menerbitkan 2 artikel kemaren sekarang akan menulis artikel tes potensi akademik lagi tapi soal bahasa inggris, kenapa bahasa inggris ? udah dari sanan kok , kwkw karena taruna taruni wajib lancar bahasa inggris . 

Tpa Bahasa Inggris
jumlah soal : 30 

For number 1-5 complete the setence with word/phrase provided .
  1. if scientific estimates are accurate .. with the earth about 20.000 year ago
    a.the canon diablo meteorite collided
    b.the collision of the caon diablo meteorite
    c.teh canon diablo meteorite colliding.
    d.colliding teh canon diablo meteorite.
    e.teh collision of meteorite canon diablo
  2. Genes, ... the blueprints for cell constructionmexist in tighlt organized packaged called chromonsomes.
    b.they are
    d. which are
    e.which is
  3. Modern humas, who first appeared about 600,000 years ago, ... homo sapens.
    b.the aclled
    c.they were called
    d. called
    e. were called
  4. About 4000 B,C humas discovered that ... obtained from special rooks called ores.
    a.metals could be
    b. the ability of metallic.
    c.possibly metallic
    d.could metals be.
    e.metals could.
  5. For more a deacade, .... that certain are becoming scare.
    a.the warning of bird-watchers
    b.warn the birs-wathers
    c. a warning for bird-watchers
    d.birdwatchers warning.
    e.bierwarchers have warned.

    This text for Question 6-8
    Most peiole picture sharks as huge, powerful,frihtening predators, readt t any momoent ti us their sharp tecth to attack unwar swimmers without provocation. there are numerous fallacies , however, in this coonception of sharks.

    first, there are about 350 species of shar, and not all of them are large, they range in size from the dwarf shark,which can be only 6 inches long and can be held in the palm of the hand, to the wahle shark, which can be more than 55 feet long.

    a second falacy concerns the number and type of teeth,which can vary tremendously among the different species of shark, a shark can have from one to sevensets of teet of shark. a shark can have from one to sevensets of teeth at the same time , and some types of shark can have several hundred teeth in each jaw. it is true thath the fierce and rip the prey apart : many other types of shark, however, have teeth mre adapted to grabbing and holding than to cutting and slashing.

    Finally, not all sharks are predatory animals ready to srtike out humans on the least whim. in fact, only 12 of the 350 species of shark have been known to attack humans, and a shark needs t be provoked in order to attack. the types of shark that have worst record with humans are the tiger shark, the bull shark, and the great white shark. however fot most species of shar, even somen of the largerst types , there are now known instances of attack on humans .
  6. The author's main purpose in the passage is to.
    a. categorize the different kind of sharks throuhout the world.
    b.warm humans of the dangers posed by sharks
    c. describe the characterstics of shark teeth
    d.clear up misconceptions about sharks
    e.inform the specification of shark types
  7. tje prld " unwart " in line 2 is closest in meaning to..
  8. "Dwarf" in line 5 refers to somethng that is probably..
    This text is for questions 9 to 12 The 1950s and 1960s were " survival years " in the word of the indonesian railway's official historian. the railway required subsudies to keep operations , many lines could not be run at a profit,obtanining sufficient spare parts for locomotives was a major problm and condition of the trackage was deplorable.

    But those years were not totallt wasted,diselesation came in 1953, in the form of 27unit c-2-c locomotives from the united staes,and between 1957-1967, around 250 diesel locomotives went into service. displacing steam from ost. main line and long distance passenger trains . new passenger stock were also introduced in teh same period , although these were lomted for main line trains, and older equipment remained is use for the lesser trains, new vacum brake -equpped freight wagons were also obtained , for the overnight fast freight service berween jakata and surabaya .

    in 1963 all public raulways in indonesian were unified under a new admonostration , Perusahaan Negara Kerata Api previously,the Deli system in North Sumartra was seoarately administered after its nationalization in 1958. Further admonostrational canges occured in 1973 when the PNKA was reanmed PJKA ( perusahaan jawatan kereta api )
  9. Why in the yea 50s and 60s was said as survival years for indonesian railway ..
    a.the railway company was highly supported by sufficient egines.
    b.The Railway tracks were interselny reestabilished.
    c.the locomotivers egines were repaired massively.
    d.the income of railway company was beyond benefits.
    e.the adquacy of locomotives spare parts were stisfactory.
  10. The effr0ts improve the railay performance was..
    a.adding steam locomotives
    b.introducing new rail tracks
    c.obnaiting diesel locomotives
    d.changing all old euqipments
    e.gining as many of  passengers
  11. The enchancement for railway comapny after year 1960 was
    a.the merge of management
    b.the split of railway comapny
    c.the estabilshment of private company
    d.the commencement of new locmotiver gers
    e.the adjustment of railway comapany name in all area
  12. "...cindition of the rackagdewas deploratbe " the underlined word has the closest meaning to

    This section measures your ability to understand the sructures of standerd writeen eglish, question 13-15 area incomplete setences.beneath each sentence you will see four words of phrases,marked (A),(B),(C),and (D). Choose the one word of phare that best completes the snetence. then on your answer sheetmfind the number of question and fill in the space that corresonds to the latterof the anser you have chosen. fill in the space s that the letter inseide the oval cannot be seen.
  13. Burrowing animlas provide paths for water in soil and so do the roots of plants ..
    a.decaying and the dying
    b.when they die and decay
    c.thet die and decay
    d.when tehy will die and decay
  14. Besides rain... is seldom pure.
    a.water naturally
    b.natural water
    c.water of nature
    d.the nature's water
  15. All the cereal grains ... grow on the prairies and plains of the united states.
    a.but rice
    b.exceoted the rice
    c.but for rice
    d.the most important excepting rice

    For number 16 to 18, complete this text with suitable word/words provided,
    Berfore the 1997 crisis , major urban tranoort ivestemnets were undertaken, these included toll road developments involving public-private partnership with significant local private invertment.may of these projects , which ... (16) under build, operate, and transfer (BOT) arrangements are located around the mtropolitan ciltiecs in java, such as jakarta ,ciawi,bogo,cikampek,karawang,surabaya,and malang .... (17) rapid infrastructure development in large urban areas , traffic congestion continouis to hamper large cities like jakarta,bandung,medan , surabaya, and many satellite towns like bogor, bekasi and tangerang.

    Public transport , including buses,minibuses and taxis is commmonly used despote poor public transport facillities the city of jakarta has implemented a bus rapid transit system on sveral kilometers on key city route to help case traffic congestion,particularry at pack times.

    Car ownerhip ... (18) following the liberalization of import motor vehicle rules, at east three million locally assembled motorcycles are added each year; transforming vahicular pollution in a serious problem for the largest cities,and rapidly emerging one among the mdium -size cities
  16. a.were influenced
    b.were invertigated
    c.were implemented
    d.was verified
    e.was conducted
  17. a.moreover
  18. declining
    b. is diminshing accepting increasing weakening
  19. ... ... winders in tge faur faces dekicate tussyes , and individual forms of large variety of plant species.
    a.enviroment work
    b.there is enviroment work
    c.enviroment work is the enviroment that work
    e.that enviroment works
  20. function of the departement of argiculture is ... of providing a suficient and wholsome supply of good for the nation's people
    a.when supplying the means
    b.that to supply the means have supplied the means have supply the means
    e.which to supply the means
  21. Despite the apperance of being merely pets,ants can serve a garden by eliminating other borthersome insects and
    a.they can aerate the soil
    b.aerating the soil aerate the soil
    d.that can aerate the soil
    e.acrating that the soil
  22. Mars,... has been source of human fascination for untold generations of sky gazers.
    a.the fourth planet from the sun is the fourth planet from the sun
    c.which the fourth planet from the sun is it it the fourth planet  from the sun is planet fourth from the sun that

    The Text is for question 23-26Lots of money, lots of luck,and players who didn't care about winning ugly, just so long as they won, turned Chelsea into the champions of europe, the money, of course , is roman bramovich's. The billionare finally got his hands on the shinny trophy with big ears he so coveted.
    Stiker didier drogba, scorer of the late goal that kept chealsea in the game in normal time and of the penalty that won it after extra time ended with a 1-1 draw,running across the pitch with the champions league trophy in his arms and delight on his face, Tens of thousand of Byaern Munich fans, farming a wall of red and white, silenced and shell- shocked in their own magnificet stadium.
    There were times i the chaminos leauge final when abramovich may have wished that he had bought another super-yacth,istead. at least it would have been prettier than a lot of the football played by his expensive team,but there is no law against playing ugly football.chealsea didn't travell to mnich to dazzle as barcelona and real madrid surely would have done had those spainsh clubs not foundered int he semifinal.
    chealsea didn,t even come here to play attacking footbal as bayern did in wave upon fruitless wave on saturday night, with franck ribery arjen robben double-teaming like batman and robin,but without the knockout pucnh.
  23. The text mainly tells about
    a. roman abramovich and his footbal club club,chealsea compared with the other clubs
    c.the story about chealsea success on the champion league
    d.the fans of bayen munich joy of their winning team.
    e.the luck for barcelona and real madrid to cae to face in the final
  24. According to the paragraph we know that..
    a.roman abramovich became a billionare after keeping the trophy
    b.The regular time final match succeeded chealsea for the trphy
    c.Frank ribery arjen robben were very satisfied
    d.bayer munich fans were cheerful after the final match
    e.drogba matched the score at the ultimate moment
  25. "Tens of thousand of bayern munich fans forming a wall of red and white,silenced and shell-shocked in their own magnificent stadium (paragraph 2 )
    the setence means... munich fans were very pleased with their team muich stadium was fully decorated with red and white colour munich fans extremly dissatisfied with the final result
    d.the magnificent stadium amazed bayern munich fans
    e.the red and white colours in the bayern magrnificent stadium stunned the fans
  26. the main idea of paragraph 4 is
    a.franck ribery and arjen robben were symbolized as comic figures
    b.chelsea was physically attacked and defeted by batman and robin
    c.chealsea attacked bayern munich's cimoc figure withou big succes
    d.the strikes by duo bayern were always uninteresting
    e.double strikes by batman and robin were satisfying

    For numbers 27-30.
    The subak tradition of bali ... (27) as a UNESCO world-heritage activity", education and culture deputy minister windru nuryanti said in a text massage to antara new agency on sunday. windu said teh decision to list subak. ... (28) during a meeting in saint peterburg,russia, on sunday. according to windu , the indonesian goverment has been undergoing a long administrarive process for up to 12 year to get subak recognized. subak has been a central pillar of balinese society and culture . balinese farmers ... (29) not only creating an efficient and ecologically sustainable rice-growing culture but also in producing one of the most esthetic bodies of art and culture in the world. over the years,however,the subak system ... (30) by the rapidly growing tourism indsurty in teh resort island it is estimated that up to 1.000 hectares of rice paddies are converted intro housing and tourist facilities annually
  27. a.has eventually named
    b.has actually discovered
    c.have been known
    d.has evencually been named
    e.have ultimately been identified
  28. a.was made
    b.had chosen
    c.was affected
    d.has been asked
    e.had selected
  29. a.recommended
    e.depended on
  30. a.has notified
    b.has cautioned
    c.has ben modernized
    d.has been warned
    e.has been threatened

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